Cute Bubble Boba Tea Lover Shirts feat. Cartoon Animals

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, bubble milk tea, pearl milk tea, or just boba, is a popular and trendy tea-based beverage. These sometimes colorful drinks include tapioca balls (or other supplements) that give the drink it's name (boba, pearls, or bubble refers to these balls). Bubble tea is typically served cold and has a distinctive look, with the bubbles/pearls being revealed at the bottom of the glass, through the milk-infused tea drink.

Popular for years in its native Taiwan, boba tea has become popular around the world, hitting a new peak in the United States in the mid 2010s along with it becoming a part of Asian-American popular culture. While the tea continues to gain in popularity, so do associated merch, including t-shirts! Find some cute t-shirts featuring cartoon animals drinking classic boba tea below! The tops are all available via Amazon and can be purchased on apparel for men (unisex), women, and kids, many with different apparel styles and colors also optional.

Super Cute Anime Kitty Drinks Boba Tea Baseball T-Shirt

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This popular boba tea t-shirt features a cartoon cat sipping tea with a fun bubble inspired background. Find this on a variety of different apparel options; a unisex baseball tee is shown here.

Kawaii Pineapple Drinking Bubble Tea Black T-Shirt

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A happy-looking cartoon pineapple sips from an interesting cup of boba tea, with ice cubes inside as well as typical dark-colored boba balls. Complementary colored circles back this cute, big and bold colorful image of a pineapple drinking boba tea. Shown here on a unisex black t-shirt.

Cute Cartoon Giraffe Drinking Boba Tea T-Shirt

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A cute cartoon baby giraffe enjoys a cup of bubble tea or boba tea, also known as bubble milk or boba milk. The giraffe is backed by a retro 1990s style electric magenta striped circle backdrop. This baby giraffe sipping bubble tea t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loves giraffes, boba tea, and or retro 1990s style!

Kawaii Style Cute Panda Bubble Boba Tea T-Shirt

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This darling design features a cute cartoon panda bear sipping on a classic cup of boba tea through a straw. Bamboo stalks and leaves back up the cute panda bubble tea t-shirt design.

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